Signature Austin Convenience Stores

Triple S Petroleum Company owns and operates Signature Austin convenience stores serving Austin and the surrounding cities and towns. With a focus on quality, Signature Austin provides customers with a bright and friendly experience every day. Triple S has become a market leader in Austin with a focus on its directly operated Signature Austin Convenience Stores, lessee branded retailer business as well as commercial fuel business, all of which play an integral role in daily operations. Triple S has become an industry leader in the distribution of alternative fuels as well as the formerly largest biodiesel distributor in Central Texas.

Triple S has grown steadily and progressively to become one of Austin’s leading private ventures. The company employs a work force of approximately 175 people who display pride and dedication to customers every day. A paramount priority has been to retain and enhance convenience store positions in order to reduce the historically high employee turnover experienced by many in the industry. Presently, Triple S Petroleum enjoys a turnover rate approximately one-half of the industry average.

The enduring family ownership and management of Triple S Petroleum continues to invest in target business lines. Upward Austin population trends allow Triple S to project continuously expanding growth for the foreseeable future.

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